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Daltile Forest Park Colorbody Porcelain

Daltile Forest Park Colorbody Porcelain

Were you raised in a barn? Probably not, but don’t you ever wish you had one to turn into a home? No need to sleep with the horses. Simply incorporate Dal-Tile’s Forest Park collection to instantly gratify the Paul Bunyon within each of us, without chopping your home to pieces and starting from scratch. Even if you don't live in the countryside, you've probably taken a road trip that meandered through farms and small towns. You probably saw a cluster of trees and a simple house sitting at the end of a dirt road. At first, you probably thought the cottage seemed an attractive throwback to a less complicated time. But really, who wants to read their Kindle by candlelight?

Forest Park tiles have been created with the rustic look of old wooden floorboards without the creaking and expensive maintenance of Abraham Lincoln’s lifestyle. As opposed to natural wood, it can withstand high moisture and high traffic. Modern and rustic aesthetics complement each other so well that whether your home is rather rural or distinctly modern, it will scream “I’m a little bit country, but I am also quite hip with it.” Even newly built homes can now be lined with striking Sugarmaple and whimsical Willowgrove beams.

The Forest Park Colorbody Porcelain collection is available in both a 5 3/4" x 35 1/4" and a 8 3/4" x 35 1/4" field tile, and comes in a wondrous White Oak, a sumptuous Summertree, a trusty Timberland, and a worthy Willowgrove – among others.