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Daltile Formula Porcelain

Daltile Formula

Formula ColorBody porcelain tile allows you to choose your evergreen trendy neutral out of seven versatile colors in polished or unpolished finishes, from ivory all the way to black, and get to fixing wherever you feel needs a new look. Go throughout the house or any commercial space. You can go solid, or mix and match your colors and sizes too. Your business, spa, boutique, office or restaurant would look amazing with this upgrade. Your own residential home is crying out for new! new! new!

Advanced double-layered technology (aka double-load porcelain tile) allows optimum durability and exceptional style even in high-traffic areas. That means it's ideal for commercial, institutional or residential floor and wall applications. It's a contemporary yet timeless look where style meets advanced technology. Sleek is a major word when describing Formula ColorBody porcelain tile; lasting sophistication also comes to mind. It's innovation that endures.

Offered in 12" x 24", 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes with coordinating trim, Formula ColorBody porcelain tile goes wherever you go; impressive in both form and function. This series lets you have that clean, modern, almost concrete look, in a porcelain tile for easy maintenance. You get to manipulate and control the urban jungle by bringing it home and warming it up for your space. So if you're looking for a change, want that contemporary feel, have a space that cries for a minimalist look, don't prefer the wood or conventional tile look, you might just be barking up the right city tree here.