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Daltile Glass Pebbles

Daltile Glass Pebbles Mosaic Tile - Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile - Daltile Glass Tile We have all been told people who live in glass houses should not throw stones - but we think it’s perfectly fine for people in all different types of houses to throw some glass pebbles into the mix. Especially if you have been searching for the perfect unique and modern touch on a current or upcoming residential or commercial flooring project. Some of the most beautiful pieces we have seen are the brand new Daltile Glass Pebbles Mosaic Tiles, a fun and colorful new collection of Daltile glass tile and mosaic supplies.

When it comes to this innovative series - which can be made to order - changing the look of residential walls, backsplashes, countertops and pool linings is just a small sampling of what the Glass Pebbles mosaic tile collection can do. For interior designers looking for that perfect, rare glass mosaic tile, or contractors, builders and architects looking to bring that special finishing touch to commercial projects - this collection is a dreamy and imaginative and is sure to brighten up any space.

The Daltile Glass Pebbles Collection - which looks more like a gallery of fine, rare jewels trapped in glass housing - features 10 different designs, all on 10x10-inch sheets of quality glass mosaic tile. This collection takes no prisoners and makes its intentions to be the best known by making a superior statement with its first boldly colorful piece - a glowing Emerald Green Iridescent Mosaic. In Glass Pebbles Gleamy, an oceanic grayish-blue emerges and the effect is the look of gorgeous, soft blue drops of water on glass. In an even brighter blue - truly a much more vivid shade of the color - the Glass Pebbles Tulum Mosaic would be absolutely perfect for showers, pools and backsplashes. There are seven additional gorgeous colors in this collection of affordable glass tile from Daltile, including one we must point you to ... at least just to take a quick look at our absolute favorite - the Glass Pebbles Shell Iridescent Mosaic.

If ever there was a collection we could go on and on about, this is the one. It’s got all the benefits of glass tile, diverse design possibilities, a gorgeous and bold color palette, and so much more. In this case, we are going to let what’s below do all the talking.