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Daltile Granite Radiance Mosaic

Daltile Granite Radiance Mosaic

Finally! More than thirty years too late, it’s time to upgrade your kitchen; you know, the one that reeks of the 1970s. You don’t have to tell us, at the moment cooking is painful and the children are having more microwave dinners than ever. Something needs to change and it isn’t your Martha Stewart-esque cooking skills. Unless you’re still cooking casseroles, in which case your recipe book may be stuck in the 70s, too. Your kitchen should be modern, elegant, and fit for your family’s modern life. The GRANITE RADIANCE collection will entice you back into the kitchen quicker than you can say, “Chef, please pack your knives.” Before you know it your friends will be begging you to release your very own cookbook. The range features four distinguishable blends, that are crafted together with metallic pigments that feature crisp blacks, warm browns and soothing grays that all work wonderfully well with more metallic countertops and fitted wooden islands and cabinets.

Available in a traditional mosaic or as a random mosaic, you may just love the feel of the new kitchen so much that you crave more. We have good news: it works just as well in the bathroom. Kids complaining about bath time will be a thing of the past, just like your outdated living space. Whether your home just needs a minor touch-up or the entire bathroom needs a facelift, this ultra-modern, classy collection will shoot you into the space-age. Next door the Jones’s continue to exist in their antiquated, pre-fab dwelling, which means, you will have won the space race. But you may find neighborhood children appearing at your door for those tasty recipes out of your new cookbook. Just make sure they don’t take a copy home without letting you sign it first – it will be worth a fortune in the future.