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Daltile Imagica Porcelain Tile

Daltile Imagica Porcelain Tile

Daltile’s Imagica porcelain tile collection could have been inspired by the words Imagine and Magic for those of you who are not well connected with the dictionary. Take a look at the collection itself and you can see how imagination and magic could have inspired these tiles. In any design environment, imagination is essential for designers to come with the kind of textures and colors customers would love to invest in. Together with that, a little magic might also make things look a little more desirable.

Daltile’s Imagica is one such collection where the aspirations of a digital age urban living is combined in a little imagination and magic. Urban skylines and sleek lines inspired the modern, stained concrete look of Daltile’s Imagica. Fashionable and on-trend, metropolitan-inspired colors like Vision, Cosmo, Haze, and Midnight transform your space into downtown chic. Diverse sizes and large-scale options make this collection a hit for commercial areas.

If you are looking for a digital inspired urban look for an office or business area, the Imagica is the succinct statement you want to make about where you are coming from. What kind of establishment are you looking at setting up? Do you want a sleek looking clean electronics shop or a very modern, urban comic shop catering to the younger generation? Are you one of those old skateboarders who want to open a shop which only sales video games and consoles?

The Imagica collection is the kind of tiles you would want to have in such establishment. Perhaps, you want a shop where everyone has to take of their shoes and walk barefeet. Imagica’s stunning looking Cosmo and Midnight will be transcendence you are vying for in these kind spaces. A Star Wars or sci-fi inspired themes are also possible with Imagica’s Vision and Cosmo tile. These ideas are also for your homes and rooms where children might be a presence. In line with being modern and efficient, this simple to maintain and very durable porcelain tiles makes a bold statement.