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Daltile Intertwine Stone Mosaic

Daltile Intertwine Stone Mosaic

What type of person are you? Can strangers read you like a book? Do your friends always know what you will order for lunch even before you do? Or do you like to try new things? Maybe you like to disagree sometimes just for the sake of playing Devil’s advocate. If you, too, believe that life is more fun when it is complicated, consider bringing Daltile’s natural stone mosaic basket weave tile into your life. This multi-faceted and complex collection was made with multi-faceted and complex people just like you.

The pattern and depth of this epic tile collection works beautifully with the smooth, clean surfaces of many home designs, and it will surely keep your life interesting. With colors like Power, Amp, and Energy Blend, or a Surge mosaic you will never need to amp up your life with stunts like amateur cliff diving or swimming with sharks. Go ahead and order your favorite pasta dish one more time because this natural stone tile brings more than enough spice to one life. Not only is it intriguing, but this basket weave pattern also adds more than a touch of elegance to any space, as well as incorporating visual and tactual texture.

The shiny surfaces of the individual tiles have a wonderful reflective quality that brightens every morning. This deceptively simple pattern of rectangles and squares creates the illusion of a woven surface, and it can also look like a dotted pattern, depending on how the light hits it.