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Daltile Invoke Colorbody Porcelain

Daltile Invoke Colorbody Porcelain

Your home is your canvas and everyone’s an artist. The large, neutral tiles of Daltile’s Invoke collection create a blank slate in any space that will give your special furniture and artwork the chance to really stand out. There is a reason most art galleries prefer muted walls and subdued floors: because there is no competition for the art. Peoples’ eyes just go from colors to textures to images and back again. Showcase your impeccable taste in garage sale painted velvet and re-purposed furniture with this classic minimalist tile that makes any space feel simple and calming. In our modern and fast-paced world installing these understated chic tiles can help you to slow down, lower your voice to a theatrical whisper, and enjoy the refrigerator art leaping out at you from a midst a sea of Copper Haze, Mystic Ways, or Evening Veils.

Floors lined with the Invoke collection’s porcelain tile lend themselves to a more modern, less modest setting, while walls covered in this slightly industrial collection create an open and expansive feeling in even the coziest of spaces.

Light fixtures take center stage and the dramatic shapes of furniture really stand out against a curtain of cool tiles that makes any space feel like a gallery. Make your home your masterpiece. Keep your palette minimal and modern or add a splash of color to your canvas with a single piece of art that changes the mood of your home gallery instantly.

Available in brilliant blocks of 18” x 18”, sharp 12” x 24” and 6” x 24” shapes, dramatic 18” x 36” behemoths, and grandiose 24” x 24” squares that will truly make you believe that life imitates art – but the kind of art you can touch with being escorted out of the museum like last time.