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Daltile Ion Metals

Daltile Ion Metals

Stop being boring and outdated and pick Daltile Ion Metals to decorate your home in updated ways. Most people think that you have to use only tiles and wood panelling for walls when it comes to decorations. That is not the case anywhere as you can have incredibly beautiful pieces of real artwork with accents instead of hanging a framed painting. Paintings are great for the living area, kitchen not so much.

The kitchen area in most homes are the one place people really come together. Whether in times of happiness, moodiness or sorrow. The dining room is reserved for elegant parties and get together dinners but usually, there is a breakfast table in the kitchen where all meals tend to happen. Be affectionate to your kitchen and get the Daltile Ion Metal accents to make it a happening place.

Fantastic metal texture and colors are covered under the Daltile Ion Metals which can be easily blended with other tiles under Daltile. Daltile Ion Metals Antique Bronze comes in Field Tile or Rope Déco. The roughing texture of Daltile Ion Metals Antique Nickel is a formidable looking accent that will go well with many color blended tiles too. It might be the shine you need on plain, smooth looking backsplashes.

If the cowboys came home instead of the cows, then they would come home to a kitchen where there is a warm meal on the table and on the walls, Daltile Ion Metals Oil rubbed Bronze. All of these come in rope deco borders or as field tiles. Horizontal pieces are available too as Daltile Ion Metals Antique Liner in Bronze, Copper and Nickel. Borders in Rope designs are also offered under this collection so you really have no excuse to not choose this as the winning combination for your kitchen area.

The Daltile Ion Metal accents and accompanying pieces are a great addition for your home and in those specific rooms. Walls don’t have to be smooth and raised texture with carefully chosen tiles will give spatial depth and an illusion of magic to a much loved area, such as the kitchen.