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Daltile Jewel Tide Glass

Daltile Jewel Tide Glass Mosaic Tile - Backsplash, Glass Bathroom Tile, Glass Wall Tile ideas at Ecomoso
Following the celestial cues of the moon’s motion in the sky. Rising with the morning sun. The ocean’s tides are world travelers of a different kind - an unapologetic kind. During the neverending journeys of the tides, however, they always frequent the shoreline, delivering powerful and passionate kisses, and leaving waves of treasures in the wakes of each stay. All we really care at Ecomoso, is that the surf is up, folks - as is the wow-factor when it comes to style in the stunning new tumbled sea glass look from Daltile.

The latest glass wall tile collection from Daltile is the essence of this mysterious and hypnotic relationship - and it’s called the Daltile Jewel Tide Glass Mosaic Collection. What truly sticks out in Jewel Tide are the metallic accents, which are designed with an authentic, weathered look that instills the perfect amount of serenity into an otherwise very bold and modern glass mosaic tile collection. Glass Mosaic Tile is a fantastic way to add a personal and artistic touch to your project - especially this collection of unique glass mosaics, which all feature a tumbled glass edge and are made especially for interior application on walls and/or backsplashes. This quality, affordable glass mosaic tile collection is also perfect for residential or commercial projects - or anyone searching for something unique for walls and backsplashes, or tub and shower surrounds.

There are a wide variety of color options in this collection of some of the best glass mosaics on the market. The gorgeous and innovative design concept in the collection coordinates classic and bold hues, and offers an array of design options for interior designers, contractors, builders and architects, as well as do-it-yourself home improvers. Made in one of the most popular sizes, the 12x12-inch glass mosaic tiles come available in eight colors: Jewel Tide Amber Wave, Jewel Tide Beach Pebble, Bonfire, Jewel Tide Cobblestone, Jewel Tide Sea Glass Shimmer, Jewel Tide Silver Shore, Jewel Tide Sparkling Sand, and Sunset Path. We love the Jewel Tide Sunset Path random strip mosaic - an electric, fiery red-orange that feeds off natural light and will cause you to stare at these beautiful glass mosaics just as you would an Arizona sunset. Within this collection’s color palette, you’ll also find all shades of browns and greys, with red finding its way in again (in combination with black) for Jewel Tide Bonfire.

Just as the tides wash over the shores day in, and day out, leaving what has been collected along the way - Daltile Jewel Tide glass mosaics will leave your walls and backsplashes with the gorgeous look of tumbled sea glass. We invite you to go swimming in this collection of bold and beautiful glass mosaic tile - we promise, the water’s real nice.

AT ECOMOSO, we are very proud to offer such quality, affordable flooring options from one of the top quality tile companies in the world - Daltile.

NOTE: Also for your viewing pleasure - because who doesn't love a company that will back its product? - here is the Daltile Glass Warranty information.