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Daltile Marvel Mosaic Tile

Daltile Marvel Mosaic Tile

The glorious Marvel Glass Tile Collection unifies the natural beauty of glass and an alluring geometric pattern. This glass tile is for people with something to say – but of course the message you are sending is up to you. The versatile color palette and patterns of this collection will instantly update your bland bathroom or lackluster living room. These tiles will announce to the world that you are making a statement.

Let the tiles act as your megaphone by amplifying the point your home is trying to make. These sturdy glass mosaic tiles cannot be ignored. If you want your home to exude Mystique, Allure, or Charm, these tiles will get your point across. If your life needs to be injected with a little bit of Illusion, Wonder, or Artistry you can get the support you need with this collection. Whether you choose this mosaic tile for a counter-top, floor, or the shower walls, rest assured that it is child-proof, pet-proof and party-proof. And once the party is over they won’t require polishing or reconditioning. The tile’s remarkable high-impact resistance, scratch resistance, and stain resistance make it ideal for this messy, modern life. Due to its low porosity levels glass tiles do not support the growth of any kind of bacteria, making it hygienic and perfect for those messy family meals. The mosaic pattern does not need to be constantly and meticulously cleaned, lending itself to a busy lifestyle.

The Marvel Mosaic Glass Tile Collection ranges in colors from Onyx black to Ruby red, and Charming gold - each reflecting a unique attitude while remaining unobtrusive in any space.