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Daltile Massalia Metal

New Daltile Metal Massalia Tile - Eco-friendly Flooring on Sale at Ecomoso

The Champion Metal Tile Collection

If this were the Olympics of metal look flooring, the Daltile Massalia glazed metal look tile collection has already swept the field and captured the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. This series of elegant metal look tile - made for floors, walls and countertops - is distinguished by its standout style and remarkable substance. Capturing the spirit of sleek genuine metal and marrying that with traditional splendor, this collection stands out because of its dramatic effects and variety of classic and stylish colors on metal floor tile an array of decorative metal accent pieces.

The collection is split into three colors - Massalia Bullion MS91, Massalia Pewter MS90 and Massalia Copper MS92. Bullion is a gorgeous and glamorous shade of gold that looks expensive without the typical price tag associated with gold. A striking shade of silver creates the Pewter look, while Copper has a traditional reddish metal look. Each color is available is 4x4-inch tiles that are well suited for residential floors, walls and countertops. For commercial projects, this particular metallic look tile is perfect for adding a sophisticated look to walls and countertops.

Where this collection really pulls ahead is in the metal tile accessories department. For each of the three colors in this luxurious metal flooring collection there are 15 different accent pieces available, allowing for incredible design options for homeowners, interior designers, architects, builders and contractors.

The phenomenal set of 15 different metal tile accent pieces jumps off the starting block with a shiny 4x4-inch Frieze Accent. In the same size there is also a Fleur de Lis Accent. In a 2x2-inch size are four other designs on accent pieces - an interesting Pinnacle Accent, a lovely Floral Accent, a singular Fleur de Lis Accent and a Dragonfly Accent. Those six accent pieces alone provide plenty of design versatility, but the decoratives don’t stop there. Dropping to a 1x1-inch size in accent pieces are four button accents - the Pinnacle Button, a Frieze button, Fleur de Lis Button and an adorable Bead Button. Furthering the design flexibility are five different metal accent strips, which can be used to create depth and interesting border patterns to any space. Three are 1x6-inch sized pieces - the Pinnacle Accent Strip, the Bead Accent Strip and the Frieze Accent Strip.

The final two accent pieces in this diverse, champion of a collection, are also accent strips. In a narrower ½ x 6-inch size is the Twist Accent Strip and even more sleek is the ¼ x 6-inch sized Rail Accent Strip.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the do-it-all Daltile Massalia Collection, there’s really only one thing left to do: Let the designing games begin.