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Daltile Melange Stone Mosaic

Daltile Melange Stone Mosaic

Rodika Chi, a feng shui expert, has shared the idea that rich, warm browns give any room a nourishing. She maintains that these shades of brown promote feelings of strength and stability, and thus are more than appropriate for entry halls, kitchens and even feature walls in bedrooms. Browns are also said to symbolize reliability and approachability.

So follow the expert’s advice, make sure your bed is facing the door, and bring the Melange natural stone mosaic tile into your life. Including only the richest and warmest brown tones, the practical color palette of this collection is produced by mixing red, yellow and blue. The softer, honeyed browns make us feel all warm and fuzzy, while the deep red-browns feel more lavish. It reminds us of a creamy and luxurious chocolate bar wrapped in gold.

The various hues scattered randomly throughout each mosaic are anything but bland. Each tile is well balanced with soothing tones inspired by nature and a geometric pattern. And without being lackluster or too dramatic they still go nicely with just about any other color in your home or workspace so incorporating this collection into your living space will not require a big chunk of your time. Not only are they versatile, but they also have a natural, organic quality that makes them that gives the impression of safety. The classic geometric pattern of the Melange Mosaic Stone Tile is available in 1x1 inch squares, slightly grander 2x2 inch squares, and slightly more adventurous 2x1 inch rectangles.