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Daltile Ocean Jewels Glass

Daltile Ocean Jewels Mosaic Glass Tile - For Backsplashes, Bathroom Remodel, Glass Wall Tile
Nature’s allure will never cease to provide a sense of wonder and amazement to those that take the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. When it comes to the new Daltile Ocean Jewels Collection, the essence and sparkle of one of Mother Nature’s great accomplishments - the oceans that cover our planet - is imagined in a series of stunning, affordable glass mosaic tiles with an unprecedented and lustrous, shimmering visual interpretation of the sea’s greatest gems and treasures.

Just as the natural light of the sun flirts and plays with Ocean waters, reflecting itself within the surface layers of the water and exhibiting a vibrant array of different hues, this diverse collection of Ocean Jewels mosaic glass tile is a phenomenal display of both of design and prismatic color.

The bulk of the nature-inspired glass flooring collection - a set of 21, 2x2-inch Flat Accent Tile options - is divided into five different sets of color, and within four sets of the five colors, there are also five different glass mosaic tile design patterns. This provides infinite glass flooring and glass wall tile design flexibility for interior designers, architects, builders and contractors for either residential or commercial projects. The first color in the collection has just one design: the gorgeous Abalone in the Crackled design pattern - hence the reason for the odd number of 21 of the 2x2-inch sized Flat Accent glass mosaic tiles. The Abalone color has a silvery grey base, peppered with subtle hints of soft blues and pearly whites. The unique glass mosaic tile puts on a true exhibit of opulence and shine when it comes to tile with style, made in nature’s design.

The remaining 20 individual (2 x 2-inch Flat Accent) glass tiles make up the four sets of colors in the Ocean Jewels Glass Tile Collection that each have the five distinct, artistic design patterns, created with state-of-the-art manufacturing you expect from high quality glass mosaic tile. Those remaining four colors in the Ocean Jewels Glass Tile Collection are: Black Lip, Brown Lip, Mother of Pearl and Young Pin. Each of those four colors comes in the following five design patterns: Crackled, Basketweave, Herringbone, Honeycomb (or Hexagon) and Running Board.

The diversity of the Daltile Ocean Jewels Glass Mosaic Tile Collection does not end with the smaller, square Flat Accent Tiles. There are also many different rectangular-shaped glass tile pieces in the collection - which are broken down into some of the aforementioned design patterns and colors. The 2x6-inch sized glass tiles are Raised Accent Strips and in the 1x6-inch size Flat Accent Strips are offered. All Accent Strips come in a variety of colors, like the Ocean Jewels Brown Lip - a swirl of vanilla, mocha and rich milk chocolate hues - and each of the Raised Accent Strips and Flat Accent Strips are made in the refreshing Crackled, Basketweave and Honeycomb style design patterns. In the Crackled style, all five colors are available, while the Basketweave and Honeycomb design patterns are available in all colors except Ocean Jewels Abalone.

The final three pieces in the modern and sophisticated Daltile Ocean Jewels glass tile collection are 3x3-inch Raised Accent glass mosaics - all of which are made in a variation of the ‘Crackled’ style and are a blend of two of the collection’s five total colors (Mother of Pearl paired with either Black Lip, Brown Lip or Abalone). Our single favorite piece of tile in this visually stunning collection is the 3x3-inch Raised Accent in the Mother of Pearl and Abalone blend - which looks like an iridescent, genuine piece of seaglass. Check out what we mean by clicking here. All the colors you think of when you picture the Ocean are present on this treasured piece of glass tile from the Daltile Ocean Jewels Collection - turquoise, different hues of greens and blues, a sandy shade of brown and pearly whites. We could go swimming in this color and design. Our eyes certainly do.

As you have probably gathered at this point, this exciting new collection is appropriately named Ocean Jewels for two reasons - the obvious visual effects inspired by the ocean, but also because this collection is literally a vast sea of quality, affordable glass tile flooring options. Whether it’s for a bathroom flooring remodel, a glass mosaic kitchen backsplash idea, or a shower remodel project, there’s an affordable glass mosaic tile in this series that will be a refreshing and perfect fit. Take a dip into the Daltile Ocean Jewels Collection with Ecomoso.

To view the Daltile Gallery for this collection, click here.

Note: Recommended for interior use only. This collection of mosaic glass tile is good for both residential application and commercial applications.