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Daltile Olympus Slate Metallic Glass Slate Mosaic

Daltile Olympus Slate Metallic Glass Slate Mosaic

If you didn’t get the memo, global warming is here. When the mercury spikes in your region, take a cue from homes in warm climates and fill your space with refreshing Olympus Slate tiles to keep it cool in hot weather. Cooling your little piggies on this tile floor may be just what your family needs to survive the hot summer months. To keep from being able to fry eggs on your kitchen floor within the next few years, do as the Romans did when they decorated their summer palaces and dress your home in cool, soothing tile. Did you know that stone tile dates back to 8000 BC? Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Nero all knew how to keep cool long before global warming was a hot topic.

The tiles in this collection add all of the interest to a floor that a carpet would, but without the added heat retention and upkeep. This is especially true in warmer climates. This tile's ability to add interest without adding weight is the key to its enduring popularity in places like Boca Raton, Los Angeles, and Mallorca. Short of retiring early, take a page from their book and utilize this collection in high-traffic zones. Unlike carpets or wood floors, this tile stands up to rough treatment for years without showing signs of wear. Look at the Coliseum. Your foyer, mudroom, hallway and stairs can all benefit from this hardworking collection. What results is a heavy, incredibly resilient tile with a modern day grace that easily disguises its utility.

The Olympus Slate collection comes in various shapes and sizes that named for architectural feats of the ancient world that never singed anyone’s toes: the Coliseum, the Parthenon, and the Acropolis.