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Daltile Opulence Mosaic Tile

Daltile Opulence Mosaic Tile

Remember what your grandmother taught you: a little bling never hurt anyone! Consider a beautiful woman in the most perfect dress. Just adding a sparking cocktail ring or gorgeous necklace finishes off her whole ensemble and makes it look more expensive. Doesn't your home deserve a little accessorizing, too? If you don’t have the fortune to upgrade your collection of jewels, just add Daltile’s Opulence tile collection to any space that needs some decadence.

If you want to sprinkle your home with jewels but think it's too expensive, use these glass tiles as a more modest substitute. And if you think this lavish collection is too lavish for your budget, consider incorporating a single panel or covering just one wall of your space. Just think of it as jewelry for your home. And never forget what Coco Chanel said about jewelry: a little goes a long way. This opulent collection will give you more bang for your buck and has the ability to elevate the outcome of a space with its character, whether you're striving for exuberance or subtlety.

Turn your home into a diamond in the rough with the Diamond hue. Drape your home in Silk or Indigo, or line it with Gemstones. Fill your shower with Aquamarine, accent your bedroom with Amber or Onyx, or fill your living room with Opals and Rubies.

Daltile’s Opulence collection comes in a 3/8 linear pattern made up of 12 5/8” x 13 5/8” tiles. It's okay to drool over these; they're tile, so the drool will wipe right off.