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Daltile Pietra Jura Porcelain

Daltile Pietra Jura Porcelain Tile

You don’t have to be The Donald to have something as rich and expensive looking as the Daltile Pietra Jura as the installation for your business offices. Yes we are of course talking about Mr Trump because we would expect something as awesome as these porcelain tiles to be gracing his business premises.

The Daltile Pietra Jura mirrors the natural beauty of limestone but uncompromising in durability because it’s made from porcelain. This series comes unpolished and the hones surfaces resemble natural textures though the neutral tones available in the large sizes can fit in easily in modern spaces.

Under the Daltile Pietra Jura series, we would like to offer you the Daltile Pietra Jura Beige which would look significant installed in business premises such as hotels and savvy look restaurants. The Daltile Pietra Jura Multicolor would definitely add a zing to sumptuous looking spas and beauty parlours where ladies and gentlemen would love to not only beautify themselves but spend time with their friends catching up on the latest gossips.

Flecks of spotted whites and tans from the Daltile Pietra Jura Grigio may catch some sunlight when strategically installed in open areas when a quiet cup of coffee may be preferred during those hush, peaceful modes embrace you at your local Starbucks café as we sure do recommend for outside wall covering.

The Daltile Pietra Jura’s sleek, seamless feature and luxurious feel will never fail to turn heads while elegant presentation of the limestone look will elevate the design of any residential or office premises. The unpolished and honed surface characteristic will definitely be a winner for those eco conscious style warriors who would like the feel the rawness of nature as part of the tactile experiences.