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Daltile Plaza Nova Porcelain

Daltile Plaza Nova Porcelain

The word Nova is a unique word that applies to so many things and if you are talking about many of them at once, you might say Novae. From the soulful blues invoked by pure musical genius that created the Bossa Nova classic “Girl from Ipanema,” to the direct translation of the word, which is new, right on over to the cataclysmic nuclear star explosion it is most commonly used to describe, the word Nova is superb. All examples above could encompass the awesomeness of this line, leaving how you wish to interpret the Daltile Plaza Nova porcelain tile collection, completely up to you. Perhaps your design destiny is one that was written in the stars and your style will be soft and sophisticatedly screaming, Super Nova? If you are a bit more cool and contemporary, one of Plaza Nova’s bold or linear tile options will at least temporarily stop your blues and if you are classical and regal, loving something that fits the root of the word, NEW, than Daltile thought of you in creating Plaza Nova as well.

Tru-Edge technology and Linear Options allows you to take design dreams to the moon, stars and beyond with 2x24, 4x24 and 6x24 linear options that will be signs of stateliness or the geometric logarithms of space, that suit your march to the beat of my own drum kind of style. Chic, traditional and avant-garde alike, with 6 colors and 12x12 and 12x24 field tile options, Plaza Nova opens up doors and dimensions while inspiring cultural couture that shoots for the stars. Fun and rich colors include Black Shadow, Brown Vision, Beige Haze, Gray Fog, and White Image. With décor that will send you to the moon and back, Daltile delivers with an incredibly durable and sustainable ColorBody porcelain tile, constructed to be look nova for many a years to come, with the Plaza Nova collection.