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Daltile Porada Glazed Porcelain Tile

Daltile Porada Glazed Porcelain Tile

The Porada porcelain tile collection from Daltile will remind the sharp minded customer of cubism paintings he may have seen in Europe. If Picasso lived in this age and he came across the Porada from Daltile, he might recognize the copy of his own handiwork as mixed light and dark colored tiles are mixed in intelligent patterns.

Daltile’s Porada is the kind of porcelain tiles you would want to walk onto when you go to a serious business office. Serious business offices could be the reception area of a hospital, the waiting room of a divorce lawyer, the dentist’s working area and meeting places where billion dollar deals take place.

Transform any room or serious business office areas with the unique visionary design of the Daltile Porada. Its beautifully stylized texture looks and feels like natural slate. Porada has a bold color palette that compliments both traditional and modern homes and serious business commercial areas. With its slate appearance and ease of maintenance, the Porada is an exquisite choice that is sure to make a grand statement especially in your serious business office spaces.

If you have been looking for things that would intimidate your competition, employees and partners alike, this is the kind of collection you would want to have installed in your business areas. The Porada offers Soft Taupe, Rich Brown, Subtle Grey and Deep Grey for any kind of intimidations you are planning on. The darker and rougher the texture is like the Deep Grey or Rich Brown, the better the intimidation could take place. People always associate dark colors with uncomely things.

On a lighter note, just to cool things down a little you may install the Soft Taupe instead in restroom areas just to give people a little room to breathe after some tough negotiations. Whether you succeed or not in your plan to intimidate and terrorize the people working or visiting your offices, the Porada is definitely a grand choice to have in showing off your explicit tastes.