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Daltile Retro Rounds Porcelain

Daltile Retro Rounds Tile - Quality Ceramic & Porcelain Tile at Ecomoso

For Dessert: Vibrant Penny Round Mosaics

Marie Antoinette had it right. Now you can have your cake, and eat it, too - with the Daltile Retro Rounds porcelain mosaic tile collection. This bright and nostalgic series of stunning mosaics with a modern appeal will liven up floors, walls, backsplashes and pool linings with 13 vibrant colors to choose from in both contemporary and classical hues. And who doesn’t love the timeless look of the penny round shape? Nobody we know. Although that could offer an alternate theory as to how the ill-fated Queen of France found herself on the guillotine. Either way, the only thing the Retro Rounds Collection offers is fun and flavorful mosaics for the perfect finishing touch for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom remodels and so much more.

The spotlight on this collection focuses on the vast array of colors and pair of different finishes there are to choose from. Three of the colors - Retro Rounds Bold White, Retro Rounds Polka Dot and Retro Rounds Canvas Black - are available in both glossy and matte finishes for floor and wall applications. While the matte finish colors are complementary and amplify the retro aspect, keep in mind that particular finish is specifically suitable for residential use and light commercial floor use. The remaining 10 colors in the collection are: off-white Retro Rounds Cream Soda, sunny and bright Daffodil Yellow, crisp Retro Rounds Saddle Brown, Retro Rounds Orange Soda, Retro Rounds Cherry Red, Retro Rounds Denim Blue, a brighter blue in Retro Rounds Cobalt Circle, and a pair of popular and different shades of gray in Retro Rounds Smoky Gray and Retro Rounds Engine Gray.

The mosaic field tiles in this collection also come in two different sizes. Solid colors are available in a nominal 12x12-inch Penny Round Mosaic and the matte and glossy Polka Dot pieces are made in a slightly larger (also nominal) 13x12-inch Penny Round Mosaic. When installed properly, these throwback mosaics are also suitable for applications to exterior walls in both freezing and non-freezing climates. So whether you live in a place like California or Arizona, or on the flip side a place with all four seasons, like Utah or Washington state, where it snows and freezes in the winter - you can enjoy the timeless appeal of this marvelous collection.

This collection is perfect for interior designers looking for a unique and nostalgic collection of designer mosaics, as well as architects, homeowners, builder and contractors - anyone in search of a pop of color to accentuate their wall, backsplash or flooring designs. And the best part is not only are you having that delicious cake and eating it (too) - you also have your head intact with no guillotine in sight.

Shop Penny Round Mosaics and the Daltile Retro Rounds Collection below.