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Daltile Santino Porcelain

Daltile Santino Porcelain

What is the best way to incorporate natural elements into the design of your space, but in a more glamorous way? Santino tiles have glints of hematite in the glaze of each variation to create a soft sparkly sheen along the textured surface. This collection boasts a distinctive textured surface that’s ideal for your home or your business without all the pickaxes, the competitive mining, and the dirt under your fingernails. This porcelain tile combines the most attractive qualities of three very different elements: this incredible porcelain mimics the beautiful variances of natural wood grain and fabric weaves in a gorgeous porcelain tile that is dusted with glitzy hematite.

Rarer than gold, this tile is available in four neutral, nature-inspired colors: bleached Bianco, covetous Chiaro, soft Grigio gray, and bold Bruno brown. Each decadent shade works its way through the woods to the mines, blending three materials that have the ability to cast your home into another, more prosperous time. If you want your home to be an extravagant Roman fortress, good luck keeping your toga white, but you are probably looking for something slightly more contemporary. The shimmering surface of Daltile’s Santino tiles is chic and traditionally modern, emitting warmth throughout any room.

We all know mining for your own minerals requires a lot of patience, strong way finding skills, and manpower, so instead of sifting through rocks for the rest of your life, just invest in the Santino collection and spend the time you would have spent mining on more pressing tasks, like finishing that Sudoku puzzle from last week’s Sunday newspaper.