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Daltile Serenade Mosaic Tile

Daltile Serenade Mosaic Tile

“I'm chipper all the day! Happy with my lot. How do I get that way? Look at what I've got: I got rhythm!” George Gershwin knows that the best way to brighten any day is with a little bit of rhythm, so bring some energy and movement to your space by applying this universal principle with Daltile’s Serenade collection.

Webster's defines rhythm as "the patterned, recurring alterations of contrasting elements." Put a little boogie in your bedroom or bath, a little swing in your sitting room, groove in your garden with Serenade’s glass mosaic tile. The dynamic of rhythm creates a visual flow. As a beat is to music, as choreography is to dance, rhythm adds vitality to home and landscape design. The rhythm found in the patterns of this collection creates a physical sensation that won’t just cause people to stop in their tracks; it will get them to tap their toes.

Serenade’s brazen op art patterns echo the rhythms of the city, from the warm and lively Sixth Street, to the funk of steely Motor City and and the flash of Broadway. Whether you get down to Blue Grass, Techno, Indie, or Memphis Blues these patterns need to have room in your home to ebb and flow. They will dance their way across the floor and up the walls, showing that you are willing to go out there aesthetically, and on the dance floor. These small-scale tiles in different color combinations dazzle us with movement and will send you to bed ready to “get jiggy with it!”