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Daltile Soiree Glass

Daltile Soiree Glass Mosaic Tile - Glass Wall Tile, Glass Backsplash Mosaics Daltile is throwing a party - and everyone around the world is invited. Everyone with a keen eye for beauty and taste, that is. Welcome to the Daltile Soiree Glass Tile Collection - a visual feast of stunning new designer glass mosaic tile by Daltile. Within this blowout bash of a collection, you’re sure to find the perfect glass tile for a colorful wall makeover, or create the statement backsplash of your dreams. This exciting new collection of affordable glass mosaic tile will have you throwing soirees of your own, just so you can show off this artistic display of gorgeous glass mosaics.

This collection features six color schemes on two different types of durable glass tile (one of the many benefits of glass tile).

In Soiree St. Kitts, it appears an Arizona sunset was captured in a bottle, shaken (not stirred), and then rearranged to create a vibrant, silvery glowing effect highlighted with punches of blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and pink. We fell in love at first sight, and we haven’t stopped staring at this trove of electrifying color. The party continues in Soiree Aruba, where a bronze effect allows this glass mosaic tile to capture the sparkling essence of a golden sun goddess - punched with pockets of blues and greens. This affordable glass mosaic tile looks like it should cost a fortune, and thankfully does not. Soiree Nevis is the next stop on the trip, and kicks up the wow factor by playing with perfectly blended copper, green and yellow tones; while Soiree Panama has more of a checkered effect of pearlescent bright colors and darker greens and browns - a truly unique piece in the Soiree Glass Collection.

The final two shades in the collection look like they are ready to head to the beach for a fiery and fierce beach party, lit up with blazing tiki torches and the flames of a highly-fueled bonfire. In Soiree Antigua, there is a fade effect moving from vivid browns and subtle greens to spirited reds and oranges - like a sky on fire. In Soiree Barbados, the fade effect is lifted, leaving copper, red and orange tones with a bronzed effect - giving the look of exploding fireworks as the grand finale.

The Mosaic Field Tiles in this series are 1-inch mosaic designs mounted on 12x12-inch sheets, while the Random Mosaic Field Tiles are available in ⅝-inch designs, mounted on nominal 12x12-inch pieces. Perfect for glass wall tile and glass mosaic backsplash tile, the Daltile Soiree collection is the event of the season - and one party you do not want to miss out on.