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Daltile Stone a' la Mod

Daltile Stone a' la Mod

The Stone a ’la Mod collection from Daltile is one of their finest accent options with versatility and diversity that goes on for day. Fierce and decadent while being sophisticated and subtle with a little bit of 4 elements meets life force mixed in, The Stone a ’la Mod is a beautiful product that delivers a power packed punch of poised perfection to any space that it is applied to. Three precisely chosen colors showcase their entire essence and show all of their true “colors” as each cut and finish allows a different and delicious aspect to be featured, a ’la Mod as the Stone a ’la Mod collection is simply stunning, and is the cream on top of your design motif.

The Polished 1/2x1/2 option allows for intense elegance as the dimensionality of the stone is emphasized by the number of pieces with their own natural nuances. Wedge Polished puts together all of the pieces in a detailed and art deco manner. Contempo White, one of the three colors available in each variety, has a great showing of its gorgeous marbling here as the 2x3 crosscut pieces come together nicely. 6x1/2 Linear Polished is profound, especially for the Bluestone which shows us its “blue steel” with this fun and contemporary feature. 2” x random Stone a ’la Mod is a favorite where Nero shines with character and dimension with High/Low Polished and Honed finishing. Basket Weave Honed, High/Low Split Face, Oval Polished and Split Face Random Brick Joints are all decorating high lights for any space, personal or professional. The star of the show is the urban Stone a’la Mod Uptown Blend Block Random Blend Polished that eloquently dances and shuffles at the same time, with fun and frisky finish possibilities, thank to the divine creative design put forth by Daltile in creating Stone a ’la Mod, a natural stone tribute in an otherwise imitating tile world.