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Daltile Structure Metal

New Daltile Metal Structure Tile - Eco-friendly Flooring on Sale at Ecomoso

Hit The Pedal To The Eco-Friendly Metal

Metal is one of the most sustainable tile materials in the world. If you are looking to transform the look of a kitchen or bathroom, affordable metal tile is also a quick, easy and low cost backsplash solution. That’s why we are so crazy for the new Daltile Structure Metal Collection - a series of sustainable metal mosaics with a variety of different aesthetics, shapes and sizes.

Eco-friendly metal tiles are made with different types of materials and finishes, including: stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and copper. One of the most important benefits of metal tile - in terms of using it for a creative metal backsplash or stunning metal accent wall - is the consistency in the metal tile installation process. While different manufacturers like to suggest specific metal tile supplies and materials and techniques for how to install metal tile, in reality (and thankfully) most metal backsplash mosaics will install the same way each time you use them.

Even more loveable about the Structure Metal Mosaic Tile Collection is the unique, polished and incredibly stylish aesthetic appeal to the collection of recycled metal tile. Metal tile is a leading choice of top interior designers, architects, contractors, builders and homeowners around the world looking to creates something different - something with flair. Daltile Structure is an eco-friendly metal mosaic collection that is made in three colors with metallic finishes, and seven different styles - for limitless design capability. The collection mainly features wildly popular gray in terms of color, along with copper, maintaining a traditional metallic color palette. They are: Daltile Structure Steel ST70, Daltile Structure Copper ST71 and Daltile Structure Gunmetal ST72.

What makes this collection so fun to use is the aforementioned array of sizes and shapes. The seven different sized pieces in the collection offer increased design capabilities and allow for stunning visual effects with a variety of finishes. Whether you want to mix-and-match to create your own artistic metal backsplash design, or desire a more unified, singular effect, you’ll find what you need within this collection of shiny, low-maintenance metal mosaics - including 3D tile effects. The sizes and styles to choose from - which are each available in all three colors - are: 12x12-inch Interlocking Metal Mosaics, 1x2-inch Brick Joint Metal Mosaics and 1x2 3D Brick Joint Metal Mosaics, ½x 1-inch Brick Joint Metal Mosaics, 1x1-inch Metal Mosaics and 1x1 3D Metal Mosaics (block), and last but certainly not least, ½x½ inch 3D Brick Joint Mosaics (cube).

The Daltile Structure Metal Mosaic Tile Collection proves that you don’t have to listen to a loud, screaming music genre to be a Metal Head. Our deep appreciation of this amazing resource is truly realized in this collection. We even found some cool Metal Kitchen Backsplash ideas from HGTV - if you need some visual ideas before you’re ready to create your own metal backsplash. Personally, we love the Structure Gunmetal 3D Block Metal Mosaic - it combines the trendy color of charcoal gray tile with striking multi-dimensional visual effects reminiscent of a lattice.

Because this entire collection of metal mosaic tile can be installed on both interior and exterior walls and backsplashes, for both commercial and residential projects - it’s clearly time to hit the pedal to the metal.