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Daltile Tiger Eye Glass Mosaics

Daltile Tiger Eye Glass Mosaic Tile - Glass & Metal Mosaics - Popular Glass Mosaics The Daltile Tiger Eye Glass Mosaic Collection, which features Glass & Metal Mosaics, is a specialized collection of backsplash and accent wall mosaic tile pieces that add style and sophistication to interior spaces. This can be achieved in a couple of ways to begin with - either with the intriguing Tiger Eye Random Linear mosaics, or the shiny and chromatic Tiger Eye Metallic collection. But there is even more diversity to discover in this series - and that lies within the different colors available in the Tiger Eye mosaic tile collection.

Tiger Eye Mosaic Tile is unlike anything you have ever seen before when it comes to high-quality, affordable glass mosaic tile. The collection is a unique combination of glass and metallic looks and the overall aesthetic comes from an antiquated glass effect in combination with natural, earth tones. Those two factors come together beautifully in the striking Tiger Eye Glass series, which masterfully blends colors that give a worldly vibe to this collection of gorgeous and exotic, affordable glass mosaic tile.

Eight different color options are available in the 1-inch Tiger Eye Random Linear Glass Mosaics - leaving a vast array of design possibilities for interior designers, commercial builders and contractors, architects, and do-it-yourself home improvers. The options, which feature different shades of blacks, browns, silvers, grays, reds and oranges, are: Tiger Eye Sumatran, Tiger Eye Siberian, Tiger Eye Bali, Tiger Eye Malayan, Tiger Eye Bengal, Tiger Eye Java, Tiger Eye Caspian and Tiger Eye Indo. Each glass mosaic comes mesh-mounted on 12x12-inch sheets, making them easy to work with during the installation process.

There are another six different color choices in the 3-inch Random Block Glass & Metal Mosaics - a true representation of what cutting edge in design means. Tiger Eye Sumatran Copper, Tiger Eye Siberian Copper, Tiger Eye Bali Bronze, Tiger Eye Java Copper, Tiger Eye Caspian Stainless and Tiger Eye Indo Stainless. These mosaics also come mesh-mounted on 12x12-inch sheets.

Specifically a collection suited for projects that call for interior glass mosaic tile, all pieces in this special Daltile glass tile series can be installed vertically or horizontally, increasing the different design options that are available within the Tiger Eye Glass and Glass & Metal Mosaic accent wall tile collection.