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Daltile Uptown Glass

Daltile Uptown Glass Mosaic Tile - Backsplash, Glass Bathroom Tile, & Glass Wall Tile ideas at Ecomoso Billy Joel famously sang about a privileged Uptown Girl living in a high-class world - and that lucky girl had to choose between her classy uptown life of luxury, or a less fortunate ‘downtown’ boy that had all the heart. At Ecomoso, our version of the modern-day Uptown Girl should get to enjoy both, so we’re singing a little bit of a different tune. And it’s all about the new contemporary, urban-inspired Daltile Uptown Glass Mosaic Collection.

With this collection of dazzling, affordable glass tile, you don’t have to choose between high-end designer glass mosaics or affordability. That’s because the super stylish Uptown Glass mosaic tile is not your average collection of glass wall tile and glass tile flooring. The Uptown Glass series follows the most current and popular design trends in flooring, while keeping more of a ‘downtown’ type of price tag, if you will. You won’t find many affordable glass tile collections that offer this level of sophisticated and quality glass mosaics.

Within this beautiful collection of recycled glass tiles is a wide variety of rich, solid colors, along with a vast array of progressive patterns to choose from for interior designers, architects, contractors and builders, and the impressive do-it-yourself project lovers. Uptown Glass mosaics are not only perfect for creating unique and alluring accent walls, backsplashes and/or floors - they also are respectfully made with the environment in mind. Uptown Glass is made from 98% recycled content. And thanks to breakthrough technologies in manufacturing, a wide range of finishes and patterns that are available in this sublime collection of unique glass mosaics are built to combat and thwart the damaging effects of pool and spa chemicals. That means you can make a stunning visual splash in your pool or hot tub with these artistic glass mosaic tiles. The eye-grabbing prints with astonishingly compelling finishes are so fashionable, you’ll feel like you’re uptown in no time - no matter where you are.

With the diverse nature of this discount glass tile collection, the visual enhancement possibilities are endless - especially when you enjoy mixing and matching glass mosaics for a truly distinct and original design. The pieces in the Uptown Glass mosaic tile series are made with such striking avant garde prints, structured geometrical patterning and the most beautifully lustrous and shimmering hues; you can turn practically any space into a contemporary and sophisticated look - while still having fun with it!

As previously mentioned, Daltile Uptown Glass Mosaics are a perfect pick for using to build unique accent walls and kitchen backsplashes, and they feature integrative glass wall tile and glass flooring options to shape and sharpen overall coordinated appearances. Perhaps our favorite factor regarding this cultivated collection: the variety of styles of pieces suitable for use on pools - which provides the path for creating remarkable decorative accent glass mosaics. Imagine if the pools of Arizona, California or Florida, for example, all were made over with rare, beautiful, light-capturing glass mosaic tiles. All the ‘downtown’ pools could go uptown with the Uptown Glass Mosaic Tile Collection. Only one thing in this collection isn’t considered or inspired by the “uptown” vibe - the affordable glass tile prices. What you’ll save in money on your gorgeous, new glass tile flooring or unique glass wall tiles will be enough to perhaps go on an “uptown” shopping spree for new furniture to complete your entire design aesthetic.

There are four different groups broken down within the Daltile Uptown Glass Collection. The first three are all 1x1-inch sized mosaic tiles, divided into: Metro Glass Mosaics (with three different color patterns), 1x1-inch Pearl Glass Mosaics (in four color patterns) and 1x1-inch Exotic Glass Mosaics (in three colors patterns). The fourth and final set in this popular glass tile collection are the 1-inch Hexagon Glass Mosaics, which comes in four breathtaking colors and two different finishes.

The 1x1-inch Uptown Metro Glass Mosaics and Uptown Exotic Glass Mosaics are mesh-mounted on 12x12-inch sheets, while the 1x1-inch Pearl Glass Mosaics are dot-mounted on a 12x18-inch sheet. All three sets provide limitless options for designers, as they can be used (interchangeably) on both interior and exterior projects, as well as for commercial or residential applications. These glass tiles are specifically designed to use for mosaic backsplashes and mosaic wall tiles, as well as glass mosaic pool linings, and some glass tile flooring ideas. All three of these series in the Uptown Glass Collection are molten glass mosaics, which attributes include irregular edges and small variations in size. The slight size and shape variations boost and complement the natural aesthetics of the three sets.

In the Uptown Glass Metro Mosaics tile set, three colors are available: Metro Cream, Metro Gray and Metro Taupe. Three colors also round out the Exotic Mosaics glass tile set - Exotic Ivory, Exotic Black and Exotic Brown, while the four colors in the Pearl Glass Mosaics set include: Pearl White, Pearl Brown, Pearl Taupe, and last but certainly not least, Pearl Blue (our personal favorite, which you can view by clicking here).

When it comes to the seven different 1-inch Hexagon Mosaics in the glass tile flooring part of the Uptown Glass Collection, there are four colors and two finishes. Three colors of these mosaic glass tiles are available in both a regular and a matte finish. They are: Hexagon Alabaster, Hexagon Moka and Hexagon Ebony. The fourth color and seventh and final piece to the Uptown Glass Hexagon Mosaics set comes in a regular finish and is called Hexagon Carrara - a blend of soft, creamy and luminescent silvers and greys.

This likely all sounds like music to your ears - it does to ours, so we get it. Capture an uptown vibe no matter where you’re located with this fresh, contemporary Daltile Uptown Glass Mosaic series of high quality, affordable glass tile flooring, which also includes design inspiration with regards to the series’ glass wall tiles, glass mosaic tile pool linings, glass mosaic shower linings, and ideas for one-of-a-kind kitchen glass mosaic backsplashes.

NOTE: Want even more ideas on the different ways you can use glass mosaic tile in your next commercial or residential project? We found three exciting and innovative ideas on how to use glass mosaics. View the article from Daltile by clicking here.