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Del Conca Tudor Stone

Del Conca’s Tudor Stone Resembles Ancient Italy

The attraction to marble has not diminished for thousands of years and now it has been artfully brought to life with the Del Conca’s Tudor Stone series. This marvelous porcelain tile series takes its influence from the old world marble construction found in the many cities of old Italy while at the same time inspired by Tudor styles. The flowing patterns and wispy streaks do an excellent job of recreating the appearance of natural marble stones with stunning precision.


The Tudor Stone from Del Conca utilizes special manufacturing processes that make these series unique, minimizing repetition in the tile patterns. This special process further enhances the Tudor Stone’s authentic look. Four different colors are available in five different sizes. They are 12 x 24, 12 x 12, 6 x 12, 2 x 2 and mixed 2 x 2 mosaic.


The Tudor Stone velvet Bianco is an ethereal pearly white color, designed to draw in elements of elegance and sophistication to your living space. Use this wonderful looking piece for ethereal looking rooms where thin, transparent fabrics adorn entryways and windows. Perfect for windows that have the Dutch style internal sills where lighted candles charms onlookers from the outside.


The Tudor Stone Beige is a warm beige color that is a good choice for living rooms, dens, and home offices for an inviting ambience. The design possibilities and furnishings are endless with this neutral offering and setting this together with the 2 x 2 mix mosaic would be a brilliant idea. Imagine the Tudor Stone Noce for bathroom walls where edges reaching the ceiling are installed with beige listellos for decoration. The Tudor Stone Grigio on the hand is a soft grey hue that pairs well with modern décor as well the traditional ones too. We would recommend using the Beige 2 x 2 mosaic for subdued kitchen backsplashes embraced by dark, wooden cabinets.