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Dolce Italia Barrel

Dolce Italia Barrel is Rustic and Mezmerizing

All lovers of rustic and barn style design ideas will celebrate the look that has been stressed upon the Dolce Italia’s Barrel collection without having a gun barrel to their heads. As you can see, the Dolce Italia’s Barrel collection is quite mesmerizing when it comes to emulate the look of old wood and reclaimed furniture pieces that you might be planning to work with.


If you are planning for a rustic design idea that uses reclaimed wood or reclaimed lumber, you will find that the rustic perspective of Dolce Italia’s Barrel collection is more than suitable. There four color choices given here for your perusal and they are Barrel Branch, Barrel Cellar, Barrel Harvest and Barrel Vine. These traditional looking pieces come in 6x24 and 8x48 sizes.


When you have a blueprint for using reclaimed furniture for your home as decorative items, you will find that some of the most spectacular DIY projects involved taking an old piece of furniture and giving it a new identity. This can be done simply by using something as simple as an old pallet by turning it into a piece of functional tool. Reclaimed wood furniture is very interesting mostly because it has a history behind it and makes it charming and unique.


When you are using wooden pallet shelving or cabinets which are amazing in their beauty and functionality, you want to have the Barrel Branch as your background piece on walls and floors. Other reclaimed pieces of wood from leftover, damaged furniture can be used to change atmosphere in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms areas. Think about building a nice headboard for your bed and match it with Barrel Harvest or Barrel Vine. Add in some lights to make it even more beautiful and charm either your existing spouse or a potential mate with your carpentry prowess.