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Dolce Italia Matrix

Dolce Italia Matrix is Contemporary and Welcoming

Since 1999, whenever you hear the word matrix, you are thinking about a specific sci-fi movie but now, you can start thinking about the alluring Dolce Italia’s Matrix porcelain tiles. If you like to keep current with the latest design styles, you might want to think about contemporary interiors. Today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable, cozy and welcoming without being dark and drab. Contemporary styles are very much incorporated in homes and office as well. A contemporary interior design home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat for those with a contemporary heart.


Since contemporary interior design defines clean lines, subtle, simplicity, sophistication and texture, Dolce Italia’s Matrix pieces will be suitable as your choice for floorings and walls. Contemporary design styles showcase more space then things by focusing on colours, space, shape and sleekness. This can be achieved with Dolce Italia’s Matrix collection where pieces called Azul, Bright, Classic Tan, Taupe Blend and Universe are available in sizes 12x24 and 18x36.< /p> 

Colours of contemporary interiors are neutral and bright as black and white define the colours of this time with style. Black is basically used for ground and neutrals are used for walls while backdrop is highlighted with bold accessories. Tints of bright colors like red, orange, green, white, gold and cream is followed in contemporary interiors while beige is also a famous option. The Matrix Universe’s black is sleek, chic and will be fetching when paired with bright red leather or PVC upholstery.


Contemporary interior design can be acknowledged with few key trademarks such as chrome metallic accents and using heavy glass and mirrors. This kind of interior uses bold colour blocks, high ceilings, bare windows and geometric shapes in walls and art sculptures. Classic Tan and Taupe Blend from the Matrix will be suitable with these accents and mirrors will be awesome additions to smaller rooms as an illusion of space.