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Edimax Ceramiche Tile

Edimax Ceramiche

Demanding customers are now being fully satisfied with what Edimax Ceramiche has to offer in terms of decoration materials for their home. Edimax Ceramiche is an Italian company specializing in producing glazed full bodied porcelain for walls and floors. These porcelain tiles come in natural and polished version. They have utilized the most popular adjectives available for art and show piece materials as their inspiration in creating history, to be made in your homes. These are creativity, quality, robustness, energy and beauty using the latest technology. This is the their most basic company concept.

Edimax Ceramiche’s product line ranges in modularity and in multiplicity of sizes both in natural and polished versions. Thy also have a large range of lines, which enable the most suitable technical and aesthetical choices in residential and commercial areas. They have used earth’s natural elements which are water, earth, sky, nature as their inspiration.

Just run your proverbial hands through titles like Flow, Shine, Sand, Resine and Instone to get an idea. For example, Instone is so fashionable and natural that it would serve to be piece de resistance in any home even with great décor style. With Flow, you will get versatility together with harmony. These topical porcelain tiles emulate the trendy cities of Paris, London and Miami. Other designs you should definitely take a look at are the Slaty, an accurate and balanced interpretation of the natural slate. These lines are just a few of many and you would surely find something mind bending under the Edimax Cermaiche titles which suits you.

Edimax Ceramiche’s production cycle is eco-friendly and green oriented. They are also energy-saving as Edimax supports the preservation of the environment by focusing on renewable energy by using photovoltaic systems. This is a system which includes recycling water and raw materials and by controlling all emissions. With these kinds of features on its resume, you can be assured you are getting ethical but still trendy and technologically advanced porcelain tiles for your homes and other buildings.