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Elegance Engineered Exotics Collection

Elegance Engineered Exotics Collection

Elegance Wood Flooring’s newly released Exotics Collection is their most alluring and affordable collection on the market to date. Let the fur fly as your fabulously chic and on-trend neighbors duke it out to see who can install this sexy series first. You want to be seen as a pussycat, not a copycat. Sharpen your claws elsewhere, however, because these foreign and fascinating hardwood planks are just too purdy to mar. In fact, you may want to make sure your dog and your boyfriend get their toenails clipped.

Boasting the sleekest and smoothest boards in random lengths and narrow or wide widths, these boards have certainly got a great face. With wood, however, beauty is only ever skin deep so the Exotic collection also features a 3mm wear layer for when you can’t seem to keep track of everyone’s personal pedicure habits. By combining both style and function, Elegance Wood ensures this collection’s pristine beauty is lasting and practical – an often impossible feat when it comes to hardwood floors. Like Joan Rivers’ face, the actual canvas is shellacked under so many protective layers nothing can get close enough to muck up the art below.

Once you’ve decided on this fascinating and foreign collection you are still left with a broad selection of species and styles to make your floors truly your own. All of the Exotics are offered in varying widths and colors, and to put the icing on the customizability cake, you can also choose from a hand-scraped or smooth finish to ensure that your floor is one of a kind.

Used all your vacation days browsing food porn websites? Bring the Exotics home without ever even considering letting an animal print through the door. The Pacific Mahogany series originates in Asia and its bright yellowish red heartwood colors to a warm, golden brown on exposure. The Santos Mahogany series flourishes in its first home in South America and once it is sanded and finished its reddish-brown tint turns to a regal deep red. The Exotic Chestnut series is straight out of the South Pacific and introduces rich browns, auburn overtones and black accents to any space, no matter how native and normal you think your space may be.