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Elegance Engineered Private Vineyard Collection

Elegance Engineered Private Vineyard Collection

The Private Vineyard Collection by Elegance Wood Flooring encourages behaviors that include but are not limited to: wearing only white linen shirts, bareback horseback riding, swimming in a lap pool for exercise and wearing driving loafers. Give your style an upgrade with floor boards fit for a yacht club and watch your status rise like the temperature in Southern California.

Elegance Wood Flooring is known for their high class, high quality hardwoods and the Private Vineyard Collection takes their reputation to new levels of elite. With their commitment to the smoothest maple wood planks you can ensure your game will grow smoother by the day. Available in random lengths, wide widths and six shades of cool the collection can’t cramp your personal style, but rather enhance it – depending on the vibe you are going for. Want to come across as a dark and mysterious grape magnate? The Verona Maple is the blackest shade of brown we’ve seen around. You could stomp grapes into the floorboards all day long but the rich finish on this series wouldn’t show a single stain. Hoping to seem like a well-traveled jetsetter? Let your guests know your nest is lined with exotic Milan Maple and then say something about being straight off the boat – or yacht. When in doubt, go with yacht.

If you’d like to come across as the lighthearted, freewheeling heir to the vineyard who volunteers at the local children’s hospital and perhaps fosters sick and elderly house pets, then drop some San Simone Maple in your interior for a bright and airy, beachy vibe. Whatever aura you are going for, the Private Vineyard Collection is worthy of name-dropping; sure to get you to the front of any line and maybe into the VIP section, depending on how white your white linens remain after an afternoon of tending to the vines and sick puppies.