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Elegance Engineered Royal Residence Collection

Elegance Engineered Royal Residence Collection

With the Royal Residence Collection by Elegance Wood Flooring, it no longer matters that your mother was exaggerating when she told you that you were a little prince or princess. Maybe your great-great cousin twice removed came over on the Mayflower and was a descendent of a high born family in ancient England, but we bet people still refuse to bow down to you when they dare to ring your doorbell, right? Turn your cozy cabin into a castle with this over-the-top collection fit for only the best of the best.

Roll out the red carpet all over the planks in this collection, and then don the crown you know you were meant to wear and start making decrees left and right. Point that scepter like you mean it, and make sure you get control over the remote on Thursday and Friday nights because American Idol needs your vote. While you’re at it make sure your royal garb goes nicely with the Royal Residence series that suits your highness’s personality and, more importantly, pre-existing décor.

With a host of shades so aptly named for the sovereign lands where manor homes and castles are still a housing option, this collection is sure to satisfy even the most Joffrey Baratheon of noble homemakers. From the rolling hills of Florence to the tallest turrets of Tuscany and the magnificent Messina moats any American royals can garner a few tidbits of inspiration from these ancient European enclaves of power and prestige. The food isn’t bad either. The single boards from each series are fashioned up to 6 inches in length and 7 ½ inches wide, so you know they’ll hit all your royal hotspots.

Featuring hand-scraped, wire brushed finishes and a 3mm wear layer, the Royal Residence Collection will be beautiful for way longer than you, so at least your legacy will remain attractive.