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Elegance Engineered Victorian Collection

Elegance Engineered Victorian Collection

If you, like a surprising number of people, believe you should have been born in the bygone Victorian era of bustles and frocks and waistcoats, then you can now live out your fantasy in style with Elegance Wood Flooring’s Victorian Collection. With features characteristic of a period in time when people still wrote love letters and had some sense and sensibility, the Victorian Collection is even more poetic than Oscar Wilde in his early years. Each series in the collection is hewn from classic wide maple planks, softly hand-scraped by Elegance Wood artisans and cut into random lengths to mimic the more organic floors of Dickens’ fabled Bleak House. Visitors calling around your abode may feel compelled to wear white gloves and a top hat – and come accompanied by a chaperone to maintain appropriate boundaries. With a 3mm protective layer administered over the top of each finish your floors are sure to stay in better shape than that ratty copy of David Copperfield that you bought secondhand in your second year of university. Your dusty collection of great literature classics by the Bronte sisters and George Eliot will finally feel right at home, and you wouldn’t be amiss to read them by candlelight – when in Rome.You will find yourself full of both pride and prejudice once you’ve laid down your Pristine Maple, Elite Maple or Imperial Maple.

The Victorian Collection is so classy you can start climbing the social ladder like Oliver Twist, and you may find yourself asking politely for “some mo’.” It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes’ magnifying glass to see the beauty in this collection’s intricate detailing. Even to the naked eye, the Reign Maple boards boast gorgeous and subdued grain with a pleasantly uniform texture, and the Ginger Maple series occasionally shows quilted, fiddleback, curly or bird’s eye figuring. No matter what series suits your interior décor it is sure to withstand your great expectations and your no doubt lacy curtains.