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Elegance Engineered Wide Traditional Collection

Elegance Engineered Wide Traditional Collection

Because Elegance Wood Flooring knows that sometimes you just want to go back to the way things were in the good old days when there were three flavors of ice cream they have happily released the Wide Traditional Handscraped Collection. For all of us who know that the Paradox of Choice is real, get back to the basics with this classy and classical collection of hardwood maple planks. The series is heavily hand scraped by Elegance Wood artisans to bring out the beauty in the unique grain and detailing of each piece of wood.

Like the trusty missionary position of hard wood floors, the Wide Traditional Handscraped Collection is a tried and true series that boasts unapologetically inoffensive qualities that your entire family can get behind. NASA knows all too well that once something has been done right you have to respect the reasons it is successful. Glitz and glam go in and out of style faster than you can clap your hands and say yeah. If you want to love your living space longer than you loved that tattoo you got as soon as you turned 18 then stick with these stylish standbys, available in seven sleek hues.

You will have enough choices to find the perfect match for your almost-perfect interior, but you won’t be overwhelmed by options or become catatonic with choices. Never too much or too little, the Wide Traditional Handscraped Collection is always ju-ust right. If you like it hot you can go for the Harvest Maple series with warm auburn and brown tones. If you like it cold then the ebony tones in the California Sable Maple series are sure to chill out your zen den. If you are more of a moderate then the unobtrusive Savannah Maple and Heritage Maple series will put you at thermo-equilibrium with your environs before you can say thermo-equilibrium – five times fast.