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Elegance Solids Serengeti Collection

Elegance Solids Serengeti Collection

The Serengeti Collection by Elegance Wood Flooring will inspire you to finally take your place as leader of your own Pride Rock. If you have been out in the big world eating bugs and singing Hakuna Matata in the rain, this collection is so gorgeous it is sure to draw you back to the nest. Bring a little bit of the wild back home with a solid hardwood collection that screams “I am king of the world” (large ocean liner not included).

This stylish and functional collection is strictly for leaders and royalty – kings of the jungle and the top of the food chain. Get a boost of mojo with an inspiring range of exotic species, finishes and widths that will help to draw out your true colors.

Once your pheromones start to spread your pride may grow faster than even you are used to. With all those claws and paws and heels racing around your home space, the handful of Distressed series in this collection may be more up your alley. If your pack is known for tracking mud with them the Distressed Walnut Ovengkal series is cool and dark and hides messes better than Distressed Natural Ovengkal, which would be perfect for a pride in the midst of shedding their thick golden winter coats. With gorgeous blonde wood and the most subtle of finishes, this bright and airy series will have you roaring at the top of your lungs.

Bring a bit of exoticism to the bedroom – or kitchen or hallway – with these solid wood planks from faraway lands. Available in rugged random lengths and narrow or wide planks you can add value and ambiance to any space that needs some spice. If you like to think of yourself as a smooth mofo, there are smooth finishes for that. If you would prefer to be thought of as rough around the edges then the hand scraped finishes in this collection are probably more up your alley and you should probably learn archery.