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Eleganza Tile Arizona Glass

Eleganza Tiles Arizona Glass Mix

The Eleganza Tiles Arizona Glass Mix is a wonderful blend of glass and slate mosaics that will spruce up any feature or room in your house-- or outside it for that matter. How you choose to use it depends on how whacky that imagination of yours can be. We are not suggesting that you enter into the world of mind altering substances, but a spurt of imagination and endless design possibilities are immediately at your fingertips with the Arizona collection. Whether it is the lining of your swimming pool, the trim of a water feature or you are simply integrating the tile into your exterior wall design, when used in a most inventive style, this collection is an asset to any designer’s home.

The tile’s durability lends itself to its overall versatility by offering itself up as the perfect interior or exterior tile.

Available in four blends: Glendale, Mesa, Tucson or Temple, the contrast of glass and slate styles supports a most modern feel. In Arizona chic, elegant and contemporary are the names of the game. The four color bases support any color scheme that you have crafted in that wonderfully whacky head of yours. How you incorporate this tile into the design process is up to you; it can be the starting point to build your space from or it could be the last piece of the jigsaw when you’re trying to decide how to finish off your project.

Eleganza Arizona Mix comes in two sizes: 12”x 12” brick fashion, interlocking, which allow the designer to use it in many different formats and non-conventional styles and the more traditional 12” x 12” square mosaic, which works wonders in bathrooms and for backsplashes.