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Eleganza Tile Bio-Recover

Eleganza Bio Recover

Eleganza Tiles, Inc. is an innovative, leading brand of superior quality, up-to-date porcelain tiles in North America and what they've done with the Eleganza Tile Bio-Recover collection is literally studied recycled wooden floors and interior walls in an effort to create a contemporary porcelain tile with a vintage flair. We think they don't need more studying on this one, they've done pretty well. They went looking for the wear caused by time and the natural traces left on real wood, then recreated the look and depth of the grain, color, and other surface variations.

So they call it a "vivid interpretation" and we have to agree. Technically, they've developed Eleganza Tile Bio-Recover using "the latest HD Inkjet technology that accurately captures the natural wear and tear as well as color variations of recycled wood" but we don't really care about all that. We just look at it and know THIS tile is what you want when you want the wood-look but need the price and ease of a glazed porcelain tile.

The Eleganza Tile Bio-Recover series is suitable for floor and wall applications in indoor areas and wall applications in outdoor areas. For both your home and in your business, we've got you covered in all commercial and residential needs for a tile with this look. It carries a matte finish so there's no fake shiny look, but instead you get contemporary ceramic tiles with a vintage flavor in a super cool 8" x 48" wide plank size.