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Eleganza Tile Bliss Glass

Eleganza Tile Bliss Glass

Are you bored of plain, white, square tiles in your kitchen? Does is make you roll your eyes everything you’re making your cheese and ham sandwich and wished your husband would just let you decorate the kitchen any damn way you want? Do you want to hide those ugly, messy, disgusting stains splashed behind your stove from all the amateur cooking your husband is trying to do?

Well, here is an idea. Take a look at Eleganza’s Bliss glass tiles and see how much this could alleviate rushes of annoyance your husband is capable of making out of your patience as a woman, especially in the kitchen are. We all know men are only great artist in big kitchens where they are paid to cook and would not look twice at the ones in their own houses for fear or being recruited into anything kitchen like business.

The Bliss tiles are truly different and unique in its appearance when just a positioned next to boring, square cut porcelain tiles. Bliss is a combination of classic crackle glass with classic stone and recommended for usage from kitchen countertops, to backsplashes, spas and definitely any interior or exterior which will contain water as it is water resistant. Coming in three beautiful colours to choose from, they are the brownish set in grey background stain called Autumn, the darker brown motif pastel coloured background called Fall and the dark pieces set against light greys called Spring.

Coming in 12 x 12 inch sizes and an 8mm thickness these arty pieces will definitely enhance the mood and feel of your living spaces with pre-winter like savoury you can depend on to easily clean and maintained on those annoying, balmy days of men pretending to be creating art in the kitchen.