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Eleganza Tile Bolle Glass

Eleganza Tile Bolle Glass

Although most of us are quite a fan of a nice hot, jet spray wash every day, it seems that there are some people who are not really into scraping off their dead skins cells constantly nor agreeable on having hair that may smell like peaches or pine.

The history of showers started with a mere stand under waterfalls in those ancient days when only the moon and the sun served as lamps and clothing was not essentially. Life was hard and much running and hunting was a source of the accumulation of grime and dirt. Yes, we are talking about the time when big mammals rule the earth and the only threat of human life was to get eaten by then instead of big corporations whose danger maybe be a threat to the species itself.

As the concern for personal hygiene became an important thing in the latter part of the 20th century, designs for practical but aesthetic looking shower areas became a must and this is where the tile industry boomed in the 60s and 70s. The Eleganza Bolle glass tile offers a modern scraped and chiselled look and is back painted, available in three unique blends which are Blench Mocha, Blend Latter and Blend Cappuccino.

If you plan for a romantic bathroom or a shower stall where you would like your non shower fan family members especially the ones that you may have to sleep next to every night, a cleverly laid pattern of Eleganza Bolle’s Blend Cappuccino could give a nice welcoming invitation even to the most unconventional mind.

How about building giving those outside shower stalls next to your swimming pool an installation of Blend Mocha to make sure that everyone is goaded into washing themselves before blending their external bacteria into your sanitized swimming pool? Eleganza Bolle will serve as a welcoming addition to any persuasive techniques you would like to use for the maintenance of personal hygiene.