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Eleganza Tile Centauri Glass

Eleganza Tile Centauri Glass

This is where you'll really shine in your DIY home projects. Centauri glass mosaics are an absolutely exquisite addition to your contemporary theme. Bullet-shaped glass pieces contrast with bold and modern metal accents in these tile sheets, causing a strikingly beautiful combination that can single-handedly recreate your entire space, even on the smallest scale.

Though not for very wet places like a shower stall, the Eleganza Tile Centauri Glass tile can adorn your favorite room, creating gasp-worthy accents to your bar, cookbook shelves in the kitchen, backsplash, and more. Install behind the counter at your business, accent your office bathroom, upgrade your dental office, or take it home and love it there.

Our Eleganza Tile Centauri Glass collection showcases three glistening, unique blends called Polaris, Zeta and Gamma, in 12x12 sheets. They're clean, bold, modern and exciting so you can create and reshape your environment into a unique, inspirational and unforgettable space -- a fantasy future world, an old industrial revolution inspired one, or a spa-like experience every day at home.

Contemporary rooms have simplicity and shine and easily allow the Eleganza Tile Centauri Glass choices to become a high-gloss focal point to help bounce light around the room. The room size doesn't matter either - small or large, the glass pulls in the eye and the soul. There's something 'back to nature' about glass in your environment too, even if so much of your contemporary theme is a stark white or metals. It softens the blow, while still being edgy. How does it do that?!