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Eleganza Tile Element

Eleganza Tile Contemporary Element

The five elements are Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether. Make room for a sixth element: Eleganza Contemporary Element! This latest collection by Eleganza will change your world with design that distills style down to its very essence. Spare, elegant, and timeless, Element glazed porcelain tiles flow beautifully throughout any room, from floors, to walls, and is perfectly at home on the interior as it is outside in the natural elements! You will love this durable, no fuss surface that never needs refinishing, resists abrasions, has a low absorption rating of 0.5 percent. Because this exceptional tile withstands temperature extremes as well as frost, Element is ideal for both commercial and residential applications!

Element tiles emulate the organic grainy striations of igneous rock that has been heated, folded and forged over time in the heart of the Earth, thanks to high definition inkjet technology. Available in four matte colors: the limestone essence of Coutaud, the tan sandstone of Beige, the flinty gray of Cardoso, and the dark earthen tones of Inca Black. Five different sizes allow you to further personalize your interior design. Choose from monolithic 24” x 24” pieces, contemporary 12” x 24” large rectangular tiles, the refreshingly different rectangular mosaic of 12” x 24” Murales, a classic 2” x 2” mosaic on 12” x 12” sheets, and a beautiful trim of 4” x 24” floor bullnose tiles.

So go ahead and place your order of Eleganza Contemporary Element tiles for your home or office today! You’ll be so happy you did, that you may just have to celebrate by playing your Earth Wind and Fire LPs! It’s okay - we won’t tell!