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Eleganza Tile Eramosa

Eleganza Tile Eramosa

If you don’t hop, skip and jump when you see the gorgeous elegance of Eleganza Tile’s Eramosa porcelain tiles then you need to get your eyes checked out. Parallel lines have never looked this good since Piet Mondriaan’s line paintings from the 1970s.

A harmonious chromatic contrast that inspires any space in your residential area is achieved with the prominently textured parallel likes of Eleganza Eramosa. This spontaneous mystic is revealed by the usage of the latest HD ink technology and contains 40 % recycled material. So you are choosing gorgeousness that doesn’t come with a price tag on the environment.

Four amazing colors are available under the Eleganza Eramosa collection. The rich deep brown of Eleganza Eramosa Brown Matte can be utilized in rooms where you would like light to be absorbed. We do understand not everyone want to be blinded by the sun’s light everyday so these lines and shade is a great way to contrast that.

If you are going for neutral which is not completely neutral, than Eleganza Eramosa Avorio Matte is a good choice with its light hue but with still enough presence to capture the eye. Do you have a room which you don’t really use that much but just want to stuff some nice things there to look at? Try the creamy, neutral beige of Eleganza Eramosa Beige Matte and it should fall in with whatever other colors you want to insert in there.

Eleganza Eramosa Grigio Matte’s awesome grey-white lining brings the mind to those old churches with marble stones in some world class Roman city. A Roman city which had seen the disappearance of their pagan gods to welcome a new one. What would be even more beautiful in tiling for a room where you would like to set Romanesque like sculptures?