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Eleganza Tile Fabrique

Eleganza Tile Fabrique

If you think only very rich people buy things with French sounding names you are wrong because now you are also going to do the same with Eleganza Tile’s Fabrique porcelain tile collection. Eleganza Fabrique brings the tight weave of natural linen look perfectly on porcelain that you will never realize that you are looking at tiles instead of cloth.

We would like to offer you five clothe like texture which you may pair with different kinds of curtains, tapestries and carpets in your living area. Two distinctive shades of grey, one in dark and one in light grey are perfectly created using the latest inkjet technology. This glazed porcelain tiles are available in 12x24 sizes and come with coordinating trims too.

They are the Eleganza Fabrique Silk and Eleganza Fabrique Marino. If you plan to use heavy curtains in a contemporary design for your rooms, especially in a room where you would like light and sound to be muted then these two designs will make a great complement on the flooring.

Even more slightly light in grey with more shades of cream white is the Eleganza Fabrique Linen. A room with great big glass walls or major picturesque windows with sunlight will look great with this particular design. The simplicity of it is enough to not cover the beauty of others in its presence such as the setting of the sun.

Two beautiful sandy colors are also available under this fabric look and you would love both the Eleganza Fabrique Twill and Eleganza Fabrique Satin. Installing these porcelain tiles may not be such a great idea in high traffic areas because the magnificent texture might want people to get down on their knees to touch them. That, is how real these porcelain tiles look emulating the texture of fabric.