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Eleganza Tile Firenze

Eleganza Tile Firenze

If you ever aspired to be an Italian, you can do so now with Eleganza Tile’s Firenze color body porcelain tile series. Of course, to be an Italian you can choose many other things like learning to cook Italian food or speaking the language but why make it so hard when you can just do a much needed renovation project which could turn your whole house into a classic Italian look by choosing tile from the Firenze series from Eleganza Tiles?

To aspire to be an Italian is not such a bad thing because they were very good in food, art and architecture. The present Italians are the descendents of the great empire of Rome so there is much left to be desired. The Romans were great architects and invented many things to do with this industry. From aqueducts to the making of concrete material, they sure did love building stuff like the Colosseum and the Pantheon.

Your aspiration to be an Italian can be about foo and architecture where to cook some of the greatest Italian dishes known to men, you can first ready up your non Italian looking kitchen. The Firenze series from Eleganza Tiles has some incredibly well made cement inspired floors to choose from anything from light to dark.

Presenting the texture of the original cement is Bianco, Cenere, Grigio and Grafite. These are pretty much the really edgy industrial look you can try on if you want a dull Italian looking kitchen. But they also have the 2x2 and 12x12 mosaic version which is something you can use with other designs too. The most charming part of this collection is the subtly flower patterned listello like deco tiles.

You can create a very sleek kitchen with black tones by using the Firenze series from Eleganza Tiles in no time at all. We’re talking about shiny black cabinets, shiny black pleather stool embracing a dark marble top island and even a very industrial looking black tinted refrigerator. This look would go greatly if you also decide to hang copies of Renaissance art on the walls of your kitchen and a corner where wine bottles are stacked up in a metal made wine rack.