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Eleganza Tile Gemstone

Eleganza Tile Gemstone

The problem with jewellery is that once you call in love with it, you cannot stop thinking about which is something that could happen with Eleganza Tile’s Gemstone porcelain tile collection. Some people like particular jewellery, metal or precious tones. Most people just like the whole thing as long as it blings. Most women, thanks to a great marketing strategy love diamonds, the iconic precious stone that is supposed to be a symbol of love. But in this day and age, plenty of women are balking at that whole symbolism thing.

So, instead of giving your girlfriend or wife a diamond as a symbol of your love, giver her a bedroom renovation project by using the Gemstone porcelain collection from Eleganza Tiles. Ah, what is not to like about this truly gem of a collection? In this collection, the style of the masterpieces of classical architecture comes back to life with offerings for floors & walls through glazed stoneware.

The Eleganza Tile’s Gemstone is produced using the revolutionary ink jet technology where the look of natural is emulated perfectly. The final product which is the Gemstone tiles reproduces the effects of the finest marble & travertine, combined with the strength and durability of porcelain. Luster and veins of marble are reinterpreted to combine tradition, innovation, elegance and comfort.

So send your partner off to a lovely spa vacation and get your beer buddies in to help you do up your new bedroom. Choose from Calacatta White, one of the most sweetest marble copy ever seen in the industry, Calacatta Oro with lighter veining, Marfil Ivory brining together a sense of the tiramisu palate and Cappuccino Beige, something that doesn’t need much of an advertisement.

A charming new bedroom does not need to contain much but with porcelain tiles like the Gemstone, you won’t anyways. A strategically placed new bedframe and furniture with the one item your partner always wanted to have like lights on mirrors or the long awaited full length mirror together with a few personal trinkets would do the trick. Simplicity would be the best.