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Eleganza Tile Hampton

Eleganza Tile Wood Hampton

Eleganza Hampton porcelain tiles offer the distinctive look of choice cut wood planks, perfectly stained, sanded and varnished, but they provide even better durability than wood at a fraction of the price, and all without chopping down a single tree! You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to appreciate the handsome appearance of these richly detailed tiles, but just a warning - you may just start hugging tiles instead!

The Hampton collection offers three brilliant reproductions of classic wooden floor boards. Sweet and sumptuous, the Brown Chestnut planks invite you to get down on the ground and inspect the fine details of its grain. The unmistakable look of Black Walnut brings a grounded and dignified air to any abode while the clean look of White Ash is excellent for large rooms and emphasizes natural light.

Eleganza Hampton tiles surpass real wood in many ways, making them a valuable asset to any residential or commercial space. Their low absorption rating of 0.2 percent means that they resist the stresses of frost and extreme heat, they are chemical and stain resistant, and are much harder than actual wood planks. Perfect for walls as well as flooring for high traffic areas, the risk of slipping is minimized by its C.O.F. of >0.6 in both wet and dry conditions.