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Eleganza Tile Layers

Eleganza Tile Layers

If you’re thinking of some exotic layer cake you had tasted from your local Asian grocery, then you have seen Eleganza’s Tile Layers porcelain tiles. It is amazing how much inanimate objects make us think of food sometimes!

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re perusing through Eleganza’s Layers collection because its delicious beauty is indeed unmatchable in taste. A taste you would be slapped in the back for once you have installed Eleganza’s Layers in the many rooms you are looking to turn around at your home or business property.

We offer you three of the most awesome pieces under the Eleganza Layers collection. Available in Polished or Matte tones, these are the Eleganza Layers Bianco, the Eleganza Layers Olive and the groovy looking Eleganza Layers Beige. Why do we love the Eleganza Layers Beige so much? Well, this neutral color layered in creams and light brown will certainly match most colour of furniture or drapery you may have been eyeing for sometime.

The Eleganza Layers collection features the natural beauty of linear vein cut marbles using the latest inkjet technology and especially if you are deciding to install it at a high traffic area, it may actually look much better than some of your dress collection. There is just no way that you could go wrong with this stunning look.

Eleganza Layers Bianco is the tanned version of the Layers Beige, sort of like a Californian and an Arizonian standing next to each other. As far as neutrals go, the Bianco could also be the favorite choice to accompany wooden framed furniture or anything that is the slick and Italian in appearances.

High railed windows with striped contemporary curtains or little country windows framed in flowery meadows will not look odd with the Eleganza Layers porcelain tiles. So, take some liberties in your design style without much worrying for a match as these porcelain tiles will prove to be easy to be paired more than once.