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Eleganza Tile Liquid

Eleganza Tile Liquid Glass

You're free to make some fabulous style choices with the Eleganza Tile Liquid collection. First, our glass tiles come in a variety of five neutrals, which is a great start to any room. Choose from Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Warm White, and Ice White, and design around that. Due to the undulating, curving design, and the mix of honed and polished glass surfaces, the tiles offer a contemporary yet organic feel, like you're pulling nature into your space.

Use Eleganza Tile Liquid to make your space contemporary if you like by keeping to clean lines, modern furniture, and simplicity. Or you can go all mid-century modern by throwing avocado green and orange into your design elements. The geometric design is common in mid-century vintage, but still offers flow in its curves and the offered colors allow you to go contemporary as well. Either way, if you tire of one design aesthetic, you can go full tilt to the other in a few years without having to change out your tile. Now that's value.

In a relentless pursuit to bring style and design to everyday life at a price everybody can afford, Eleganza Tiles, Inc. is an innovative, leading brand of superior quality, up-to-date tiles in North America. The individual Eleganza Tile Liquid mosaic pieces come in sheets that are 7.7 x 22 and are suitable for indoor commercial and residential wall applications.

They're clean, bold, modern and exciting so you can create and reshape your environment into a unique, inspirational and unforgettable space -- a fantasy future world, a mid-century modern Danish aesthetic, an old industrial revolution inspired one, or a spa-like experience every day at home or business.