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Eleganza Tile Marne

Eleganza Tiles Marne is Dreamy and Crispy

The Marne from Eleganza Tiles is the kind of dreamy porcelain tiles all of us can dream of for a crispy looking modern home. You may think that dark greys and blacks are not really a popular choice for most people but of course that is not true. Black granite and greyish black slate natural stones are quite popular for newly developed residential areas.


The Eleganza Tile’s Marne collection is a porcelain stoneware with stone effect that plays with an incredible variety of graphics. The idea behind the Marne collection is that of a material generated by a crystallization of mud and its movements in the earth’s crust. In the eco++ version, the Eleganza Tile’s Marne collection acquires an added value, not only pre-consumer recycled content, but also 30% post-consumer material, with the use of recycled glass.


So use the Marne collections base Chiaro, Base Scuro and Base Tortora in semi-polished and matte variations for extra crispiness. You can use furniture with white fabrics, chrome and steel accents, side tables made of synthetic materials and glass coffee tables in your living room with the Marne porcelain tile as flooring base. If you are looking into maximizing kitchen space while allowing creativity to take central stage, then what you are aspiring is a contemporary kitchen design. It may not be a secret that when it comes to the “heart of the home”, the kitchen are might play the central role in a home, especially if the dining is room is attached to it.


A unique kitchen island concept you want to think about is an inviting built-in sofa, a testament to modern creativity and contemporary design. These are the kind of ideas that will get your creativity juices flowing when you think about renovating the cooking space. You can do your cooking while your visitors or family have an enjoyable time sitting on the sofa while having a chat.